Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Strike update – public urged to stay safe

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended two incidents this morning during the latest strike by members of the Fire Brigades Union.

The twenty-four hour walkout got underway at 9am this morning (9th December), as part of the ongoing dispute with Government over pensions.

Contingency crews were on duty and responded to a car fire in Crowborough at 9.01am and a woman stuck in a lift in Eastbourne at 11.15am.

Industrial action will continue through until 9am tomorrow (10th December) morning.

With resources reduced during strike periods, the Service is urging the public to take extra care and spread the word among friends, family and neighbours to do what they can to prevent emergencies.

If you do have a fire, get out, stay out and call 999. We have crews who will respond to emergencies, prioritising calls where lives may be at risk.

Pass it on and Stay SAFE
Smoke alarms save lives – fit them properly and test them regularly
Avoid distractions – whether behind the wheel, out and about or cooking paying attention helps keep you safe
Family and friends might need help – check in on them and share our advice
Escape routes should be planned and explained to everyone in your home

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