Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Woman treated for smoke inhalation after kitchen fire

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called at 19.34 yesterday (23 December 2014)  to reports of a fire alarm sounding in Bexhill.

Two crews from Bexhill attended an address on Brookfield Road where there had been a fire in a kitchen.

One woman was suffering from smoke inhalation and was handed to the care of paramedics.

A PPV fan was used to clear the smoke.

The fire was accidental.

What would you do if there was a fire?

If there is a fire, get out, stay out and call 999.

Preparing and practising a plan of action will help you act quickly if there's a fire in your home - it could even save your life.

Here are some tips to help plan your escape from fire:
  • the best escape route is often the normal way in and out of your home
  • think of any difficulties you may have getting out, eg at night you may need to have a torch to light your way
  • choose a second escape route, in case the first one is blocked
  • keep all exits clear of obstructions, like bicycles
  • if there are children, older or disabled people or pets, plan how you will get them out
Escaping from a high-rise building

Living above the first floor doesn't necessarily make you any more at risk from fire. High-rise flats are built to be fire-proof - walls, ceilings and doors will hold back flames and smoke.

Most of your planning should be the same as homes at ground level, but there are some key differences:
  • You won't be able to use the lift if there's a fire, so choose an escape route that takes this into account
  • Count how many doors there are on the route to get to the stairs when you can't use the lift, in case you can't find your way
  • Make sure stairways and fire escapes are kept clear of all obstructions and that fire doors are never locked
  • Regularly check that you can open the doors to stairways or escapes from both sides
  • Make sure emergency lighting and signs are effective

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