Friday, 2 January 2015

Prince’s Trust students treated to a ‘hands on’ Fire Safety Day

Prince’s Trust students were given a truly hands-on experience at a recent visit to Bohemia Road Community Fire Station.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service held a specialised Fire Safety Day for team members, who engaged in activities, which were both interactive and active, with plenty of opportunities to ‘have a go’ and were keen to return for a second session.

Station Manager Paul Way said: “We organised an exciting day for them. Following an introduction and housekeeping the first session discussed the role of the Fire and Rescue Service and Police. The main focus was on road traffic collisions, how the emergency services deal with such, as well as procedures and protocols involved. This was then followed by work on the impact of dangerous and negligent driving.”

Afterwards, firefighters alongside police officers gave a display of dealing with a simulated road traffic collision, using real vehicles, casualties, as well as a range of equipment.

The afternoon consisted of a session on home safety, which led on to team members having the experience of wearing, but not using, breathing apparatus whilst moving through a building in complete darkness, while avoiding obstacles and identifying casualties.

Paul added: “We ended the day with a session on fire behaviour theory and the use of portable fire extinguishers, in which they had the opportunity to put out a range of different types of fires, using different agents.”

A spokesman for the Prince’s Trust, Andy Duke's, said: “My Team experienced a fabulous, educational and enjoyable day. The day was outstandingly well-planned and organised. Firefighters and officers involved presented different aspects of safety in an engaging, interactive and productive manner.

“In brief, there are now a new group of young adults, who are both much more aware of how to keep safe, and keep others safe; who are greatly enriched in their own skills, understanding and confidence; and who had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Well done to all the officers involved.”

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