Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Reminder to take care with electric heaters after fire in Eastbourne

Two crews from Eastbourne Community Fire Station attended an incident at a property in Bexhill Road last night (26 January). 

They used carbon dioxide on an electric fire after being called at 7.01pm. The fire was accidental and no-one was injured. 

As our winter weather continues, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are reminding residents to be careful with plug-in and electric heaters and are offering the following advice:
  • Heaters should be kept away from furniture and fittings. Ensure that nothing can fall onto a heater.
  • Keep at least three feet - one metre - away from them
  • Have fireguards to prevent and protect children and/or pets coming in contact with them
  • Never dry washing on or near them (or on fireguards)
  • Try to secure heaters up against a wall to stop them falling over.
  • Don't cover air vents on storage heaters or fan heaters.
More information about using electric heaters safely can be found on the community safety pages of the Service website at http://www.esfrs.org/communitySafety/advice/heaters.shtml

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