Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stay safe in winter weather

As bad weather continues in the county, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is encouraging all road users, residents and businesses to take proactive measures to ensure that we all stay safe.  

We would like to remind drivers to take extra care when driving in heavy rain and to change the way you drive. Surface water will increase stopping distances in wet conditions, so slow down and keep a bigger distance between you and the vehicle in front. Brake or accelerate carefully and gradually, and take corners slowly.

Stay alert to the danger of fallen trees - it is possible more may come down after the heavy rain softened the ground - branches and leaves can also make the roads more treacherous.

It is also advisable when driving in winter to carry an emergency pack in your boot - a first aid kit, torch, blanket, food and drink, a tow rope and shovel could all come in useful in an emergency. Also make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone and water proof shoes.

Cyclists and pedestrians
Cyclists and pedestrians also need to ensure that they can be seen by other road users – wear something bright, cross the road at designated crossing points and, for cyclists, ride where you can be seen.

Flood warnings
No flood warnings are in place at this time, but localised flooding may also be an impact of the weather over the next few days. We are reminding home owners and business owners that floods can happen quickly and urging them to do some research to find out:
  • Whether your area has flooded before and if there is any specific flood advice for your area
  • How to turn off your electricity and gas supplies
  • What is covered by your insurance
  • Who you can call if you need assistance. Useful contact numbers can be found here: http://www.esfrs.org/communitySafety/advice/winter-weather.shtml

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