Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Chimney fire in Seaford

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called to a chimney fire in Stirling Avenue Seaford yesterday evening (Monday 9 February) at 6.51pm.

Seaford Community Fire Station responded with a maxi-cab, but the fire was out when they arrived.  Before leaving the crew used a thermal imaging camera to inspect the chimney, checking for any hot-spots.

How do I know my chimney is on fire?
  • A loud roaring noise, which occurs as massive amounts of air are sucked through the appliance or fireplace opening and used to oxidize the combustible fuels within the system.
  • Sparks and flames seen shooting from the chimney top, which can be firework like in appearance.
  • A glowing or shimmering appliance outlet or connector.
  • Vibrating appliance, outlet or connector.
  • Flames visible through any tiny cracks in the outlet or connector.
  • Smoke and odours noticeable in adjoining rooms or the loft space.
  • The heating up of the chimney breast or flue pipe, in the same room as the appliance and also other rooms that the flue passes through.

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