Monday, 16 February 2015

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service prepare for further strike action

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is preparing for further industrial action by members of the Fire Brigades Union.

A 24-hour strike will begin 25 February 2015 from 07:00 hours until 26 February 2015, at 07:00. Members of the public are being reminded that this means fewer crews will be on duty.
This is part of the ongoing dispute between the Fire Brigades Union and the Government over pensions.

In order to reduce the number of people who need to call 999 during the strikes, we are asking you to take some simple steps.


Smoke alarms save lives – fit them properly and test them regularly
Avoid distractions – whether behind the wheel, out and about or cooking: paying attention helps keeps you safe
Family and friends might need help – check in on them and share our advice
Escape routes should be planned and explained to everyone in your home

If you have a fire get out, stay out and call 999.

Lifts and automatic alarms

If you do have an automatic alarm, make sure it is functioning properly, that you know who is in charge of it and you know what to do if it goes off.

Lifts are another area of concern. Make sure there are clear instructions inside the lift, just in case it breaks down. Have the lift engineer’s number to hand and check when it was last serviced.

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